Harley-Davidson Case Study (Motorsport)

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Harley-Davidson Motor Company Vehicle
Maintenance and Repair Department gets organized with LISTA storage cabinets

Milwaukee, WI
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Dept.

Harley-Davidson’s headquarters serves as the center for custom Harley bikes. Everything from custom painting and pin-striping to designer wheel covers is added at this facility. The company decided to upgrade its custom operations, including its Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department where motorcycles are assembled and accessories installed.

Harley-Davidson wanted to expand the Maintenance and Repair Department and improve functionality and organization.

Harley purchased an array of differently configured modular garage tool storage cabinets (Link to industrial workbenches) from LISTA. Many of these cabinets were arranged to form U-shaped work bays and garage workbench storage with rugged stainless steel counter tops. These work bays not only offer ideal workspace but also provide optimal storage for fast-moving small parts like fasteners and screws and larger items such as meters, scanillizors and other diagnostic devices.

LISTA stacked garage tool cabinets and shelf cabinets for bulk storage. Harley utilizes a similar system of LISTA stacked cabinets arranged in rows between the work bays. This LISTA storage solution is home to Harley’s primary inventory of small parts. LISTA's sliding door shelf cabinets are stacked above drawer storage units for storage of larger items like motor oil, greasing and cleaning agents.

According to department manager, Pat Karl, "Since we installed the LISTA workspace solution, we no longer have to spend time searching for tools or replenishing stock. It's as though we’ve increased manpower by 200%."