The LISTA Xpress Program – Extra Fast Delivery

LISTA Xpress Program is the New Xpanded Offering! The iconic LISTA line of modular storage cabinets, shipped within a week of your order. The LISTA drawer is the centerpiece of LISTA storage and workspace solutions. With LISTA’s Xpanded Xpress Program, we ship a growing line of our products within a week of your order.

Instead of waiting, you’re working – with LISTA cabinets, mobile cabinets, workbenches, workstations and accessories. Stacked LISTA cabinets provide for maximum flexibility in storage. Shelf cabinets can be ordered open, or with a variety of door styles to protect contents, while drawer storage cabinets offer storage for smaller items. The LISTA Express Program includes an extensive selection of modular storage cabinets, mobile tool cabinets and garage workbench storage solutions, all shipping in 7-10 days of order , many items even sooner. 

Of course, LISTA also offers complete solutions for all your storage and workspace needs beyond what’s available for order in this catalog. We have countless other options to meet your requirements. No one else can match our exclusive suspension system, featuring quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings, combining strength, hardness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, low wear and low friction LISTA products feature a high-quality, durable powder coat finish that is smooth, uniform and attractive. Place your order today! 

We’ve got the modular storage cabinets you want and need... right now.



For Cabinets and Workbenches , please verify that the color and lock type are selected before proceeding with order . If you have any questions please call us at 888.897.9050