Schriever Air Force Base

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Security Forces Squadron Enlists LISTA Cabinets for Secure Storage

Schriever Air Force Base
Colorado Springs, CO

In military applications, secure, organized and efficient modular storage systems are of the utmost importance. That's why so many military organizations turn to LISTA's squadron of modular drawer storage cabinets. Ideally suited for a wide range of storage needs, our LISTA storage cabinets can be custom configured and feature sub-dividable drawer interiors for the complete organization of tools, components and even weapons.

At Schriever Air Force Base, the Security Forces Squadron is charged with protecting the base and providing ground defense. The Squadron warehouse once utilized inefficient shelving and nesting boxes to store its valuable equipment. Now, stacked LISTA modular modular storage systems, built with a military storage box, and a LISTA issue counter help Schriever to maximize organ­ization and keep everything from night vision goggles to Kevlar helmets to ammunition safe, secure, and accessible to authorized personnel. The rows of LISTA cabinets take up a lot less space than the previous equipment, and the lockable and labeled drawers provide a completely controlled storage system.

"The 310 Security Forces Squadron based at Schriever needs to be prepared to go anywhere in the world in 24 hours. The efficiency offered by LISTA storage cabinets and mobile tool cabinets helps our troops get ready fast." - Richard Snow, Technical Sergeant

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