LISTA Mobile Cabinets

When you need storage and mobility, choose LISTA mobile storage cabinets for safe and secure storage of parts and tools. LISTA garage cabinets and garage tool cabinets allow for maximum flexibility and versatility. Each mobile workstation can be designed to suit your specific needs. Each drawer includes an individual drawer latch to secure it in closed position for safety when moving. Take your show on the road-all LISTA drawer storage cabinets can be adapted for mobile applications. We added something to the long list of benefits you get from our drawer storage cabinets: mobility. What could be simpler than that?

Our mobile storage cabinets and tool boxes are sturdy, versatile mobile workstations that are loaded with features. Individual drawer latches: drawers are individually locked in the closed position for safety when moving. Sturdy handles mounted directly on the cabinet housing for ease of maneuverability. Heavy-duty casters: two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks. PrevenTip® interlock system: our patented drawer locking system when one drawer is extended, the others are locked closed to prevent accidental tipping. Contact us to learn more regarding LISTA workstation and garage cabinet storage solutions.


For Cabinets and Workbenches , please verify that the color and lock type are selected before proceeding with order . If you have any questions please call us at 888.897.9050